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The analogic frequency readout of the original ATLAS-210  is very simple .Infortunatly nowadays people are more accustomed to digital frequency display .To put such an equipment this  is very simple on the ATLAS-210 due to the presence in the rear of  the transceiver  of a socket  where the  signal coming out of the VFO is available  .As ATLAS-210 is  a single conversion  transceiver , the  transmission frequency is  equal to the VFO frequency plus or minus the intermediate frequency (5522 khz) . Several kits are available through the internet  to build a digital frequency meter at a very reasonnable cost (around 60 $) .The one that we recommended is the one supply  by AADE.COM  which can be built in a matter of 2 or 3 hours .It consists of a microcontroller and a 16 caracters LCD plus resistors , regulator..., .The frequency resolution is 10 hz and does not generate any birdies on the ham band .You do not need any special equipment to tune the circuit so as to have the exact frequency readings   .As you will see AADE.COM have  various  digital meter for the various transceivers still alive in the ham market   .For ATLAS-210 choose the DF1D .You will have to choose between put the module directly in the transceiver or put it in a separate box .The power supply is taken on the general power supply of the transceiver 
DFD1 digital display for ATLAS 210
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