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The ATLAS 210 transceiver is a nice gear still quite compact even to according standards .However to use it in portable you need  some adding devices such as reflectometer  and this add both weight and volume in your bag . It is quite easy not to bring such a device if you make the following modification .It will not cost a fortune to make it as you only need a switch  and an adjustable resistor

By chance ATLAS 210 as a built in SWR measurement system which is use to prevent overdriving the power amplifier in case of mismatch of the antenna .The modification consist of taking the voltage generated  and to apply to the front end Ammeter .
The schematic is outlined herewith .The first thing to do is to locate the signal feeding the SWR REFLECT INPUT of PC500 Board .Generally is is a green wire  .A wire is  soldered  which goes in serie with an adjstable resistor (10 k ohm) to the double circuit switch as shown .In normal position you continue to read on the front ammeter either the Power Amplifier current or signal strength  .In opposite postion when you are transmitting you read a current proportionnal to the reflected power atlas 210 pc500 mod
The double circuit switch can be put  in place of the noise blanker hole if the noise blanker is not  installed in your rig . If it is not the case  you will have to drill a hole in the front panel . The value f the resistor in serie has to be adjusted  to have a decent reading on the ammmeter.If you have made the expansion box modification  it is a good idea to make the resistor adjustable from the front panel Tuning  the antenna  becomes easy and does not require a SWR meter . You adjust  your manual  tuner so as to have a minimum reading on the ammeter .

That's all 

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