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                                            RELAX WHILE WAITING FOR DX

As of to day  propagation is far to be good .Sun cycle 24 is not yet at its maximum and it will take  several years to reach its top activity .Therefore we have to wait quite a while searching for DX on the ham band .Take advantage of this time to enjoy background classical music while chasing on the bands   .Feel free to download whichever file  you prefer in the following list  

BACH :badiinerie     BACH: tocata  
DEBUSSY: sonate flute
GREGORIAN SONG :gregorian_1     GREGORIAN SONG: gregorian_2  
HAENDEL: water music
MOZART :quartet flute 
MOZART : requiem
RAVEL : bolero
SCARLATI :sonate flute
SCHUBERT: violin concerto
STRAUSS : zarathustra