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In some case  when you want to operate your ATLAS210 in the countryside away from any power line most of the hams are using engine generator  fuelded with gazoline .Another way to power  your favorite transceiver is to use a hand power electric generator.The energy is coming from the food you eat  , the overall efficiency is much greater and it is  your (modest) contribution  to reduce the green house effect  .It is still quite easy to  find this type of generator .Unfortunatly  they do not deliver the right voltage needed for ATLAS210 (12 to 14 volt continuous)  .Generally the hand generators that are easy to find at a very decent price  give 2 types of voltage : a low voltage (around the 6/12  volts range)  and a high voltage (continuous  voltage) in the 200-350 volts range  .In the old ages when these equipments were  in operation most of the rigs  were using  vaccum tubes . The low voltage was used to feed the filament  and the high voltage to power the plates .Thanks to the ability to find for almost free switching power supply  you will be able to change the high voltage (either AC or DC ) delivered into the continuous one needed by the ATLAS210 .

a hand generator

schematic of  ecological power  supply THE SCHEMATIC

It is quite simple .You only have to hook the high voltage output of the hand generator to the AC input of the PC power supply .If you use an unmodified PC power supply you will get 12 volt output , to rise the voltage to 13.8 volt you will have to modified it as it is shown elsewhere on this site (see how to modify.)


You only have to  rotate the cranck of the generator .The 13.8 volt is regulated by the PC power supply .As you will see it is not always easy to supply the electric energy needed by the ATLAS working full power (about 200 watt input) and to speak to your fellow ham  for a long time .You have the choice to reduce the output or to put a battery to buffer the output of the PC power supply .WHen you receive signals the consumption being much lower you have the ability to load the battery  . Depending of the hand generator used you can be bothered by some noise generated by the generator .In this case you will have  to filter the high voltage output of the hand generator using a combination of ferrite choke and capacitors (being recovered from a junk pc power supply )
power supply at works

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